Trump Leads Biden, RFK in Three-Way Race Amid Economic Concerns

An average of recent polls suggests that former President Donald Trump is leading in a hypothetical three-way general election against President Joe Biden and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. President Trump holds a 5.3% lead over Biden and RFK in national surveys, with 41% support compared to Biden’s 35.7% and RFK’s 11.7%. President Biden has not led in any national poll this year. This data underscores President Trump’s enduring popularity and the challenges facing President Biden’s re-election bid.

In contrast to some media reports suggesting a close race between Trump and Biden, a broader analysis of multiple polls reveals Biden trailing significantly behind. Negative sentiments regarding the economy and the country’s direction are impacting Biden’s approval ratings, with 59% disapproving of his job performance. The focus on abortion by the Biden campaign, highlighted during Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent visit to Arizona, may not be resonating with voters according to an internal Trump campaign poll.

The poll of 400 likely November voters identified inflation, taxes, government spending and debt, protecting democracy, honesty in government, and immigration and border security as top issues influencing their vote for president. Surprisingly, only 3% cited abortion as a priority issue. This data indicates a shift in voter priorities away from social issues like abortion towards economic and national security concerns.

In the coming months leading up to the election, President Biden faces the uphill task of addressing voter concerns and narrowing the gap between himself and President Trump in the polls. With an electorate focused on issues such as inflation and government spending, Biden will need to pivot his campaign messaging to resonate with the priorities of American voters. As the election draws nearer, the dynamics of the race may continue to evolve, shaping the strategies of both candidates as they vie for the support of the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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