Trump Poised for Comeback, Election Integrity Bill Faces Hurdles

The author expresses unwavering support for Donald Trump’s leadership and eagerly awaits his return to the White House. Praises Matt Margolis’s articles highlighting Trump’s popularity over President Joe Biden in polls. The author voices concern that the 2024 election may be stolen by Biden’s handlers, citing the alleged theft of the 2020 election.

They highlight potential election manipulation through illegal immigrant votes and discuss the SAVE Act introduced by Representative Chip Roy and Speaker Mike Johnson. The Act aims to strengthen voter registration laws, requiring proof of citizenship and removal of non-citizens from voter rolls.

The author raises concerns that the bill may face opposition in the Senate and from President Biden. They also express worries about the timely implementation and enforcement, suggesting that blue states might ignore the new requirements. Additionally, they fear that sanctuary cities and liberal strongholds could hinder efforts to remove non-citizens from the voter rolls.

In conclusion, the author emphasizes the importance of election integrity and suggests that ensuring fair elections will be a challenging but crucial task for a potential second Trump Administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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