Trump Prepares for Bruising Battle in Daughter’s Civil Fraud Case”

The liberal imagination is running wild with vindictive fantasies as Donald Trump faces the potential of financial ruin. One journalist, David Cay Johnston, is even predicting that Trump would completely destroy his own daughter, Ivanka Trump, in order to protect himself. Talk about a gruesome prediction.

As Trump faces civil charges of fraudulent business activity in New York this week, the possibility of his family falling apart has left the leftists absolutely delighted. Trump’s close connection with his children has always been known, but we all saw how ruthless he can be with those who betray him, just like his former lawyer, Michael Cohen. Still, it’s hard to conceive that Trump would unleash that same fury on his favorite child, Ivanka. But leave it to the left to believe that Trump is that deeply evil.

According to Johnston, if Ivanka were to testify in a way that damages her father’s interests, Trump’s lawyers would “tear her to shreds” and do everything possible to go after her. However, reality check: Ivanka Trump has already been dropped as a defendant from the fraud case due to the claims against her falling outside the statute of limitations. It seems the left is once again projecting their own wishes onto reality.

Former federal prosecutor Michael McAuliffe thinks it’s highly unlikely that Ivanka would testify against her father in any damaging way. He believes that she would most likely plead bad memory or the Fifth Amendment to avoid incriminating herself. Despite the fact that claims against her were dismissed based on the statute of limitations under state law, some federal fraud statutes could still potentially apply. But let’s be honest, the left’s fantasies are just that – fantasies.

Written by Staff Reports

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