Trump Proves CNN Wrong on Capitol Riot Allegations with Simple Tweet Records

Former President Trump proved once again that he’s always ready to set the record straight and address any false allegations that may come his way. During a recent interview with CNN, he was asked about the January 6th Capitol riot, and he stood firm with his side of the story, despite the mainstream media’s attempts to twist it for their own political agenda.

When CNN’s Kaitlan Collins tried to corner Trump with pointed questions, he immediately reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out printed records of his tweets from January 5th and 6th. The records prove clearly that he had encouraged his supporters to remain peaceful and that he had asked them to support law enforcement officers.

Yet, Collins, like many other dishonest journalists, persisted in her line of questioning, hoping to trap the former president in a lie. Sadly for her, she failed miserably because President Trump remained calm and unflappable throughout the interview, stating only the plain, honest truth.

It’s no secret that the left-wing media have been chomping at the bit to vilify President Trump for the Capitol riot, even though he had nothing to do with it. They’ve been trying to paint him as a violent and dangerous person, and they’ve been using this event as another excuse to attack Republicans and anyone who dares to disagree with their far-left ideals.

Fortunately, President Trump had the foresight to keep records of his tweets and to call out the media for their untrue narratives. He didn’t shy away from difficult questions, and he firmly stands by his belief that he never incited violence or encouraged lawlessness on January 6th.

In conclusion, it’s up to us to spread the truth about this event and to be vigilant against the lies and propaganda coming from the mainstream media. We need to support our former president and stand for truth and justice, no matter what.

Written by Staff Reports

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