Trump Questions Biden’s Mental Fitness, Flubs Name in Speech

Former President Donald Trump brought up his concerns about President Joe Biden’s mental sharpness during a speech in Michigan. Trump, who is likely to be the Republican candidate for president, talked about his own experience taking a cognitive test and suggested that Biden should do the same. While speaking at a Turning Point Action convention in Detroit, Trump mistakenly said the name of the doctor who had once given him the test. He referred to Rep. Ronny Jackson as “Ronny Johnson” and talked about Jackson’s remarks, saying that Jackson believed he was the healthiest president in history. 


The Biden campaign was quick to point out Trump’s mistake, sharing a video of the moment. Trump, who just celebrated his 78th birthday, has often focused on the scrutiny surrounding Biden’s age and his performance as president. He frequently emphasizes how Biden, at 81 years old, has shown signs of confusion and struggle in his public appearances. Trump has made comments about Biden’s age and mental acuity at multiple events, often comparing his own energy level to Biden’s. 


Some political observers have also noted that Trump appears more energetic in his public appearances compared to Biden. However, they acknowledge that Trump, too, may be affected by his age in some ways. For instance, University of Minnesota Center for the Study of Politics and Governance Director Lawrence Jacobs commented on the differences in their physical appearances and speech patterns.

As Trump is expected to be formally nominated at the Republican National Convention, he will become the oldest candidate to accept the party’s presidential nomination, breaking the record previously held by Biden. Biden, in turn, will surpass Trump’s record when he accepts his own nomination.

Written by Staff Reports

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