Trump Raises $141M with Support from Winklevoss Twins and Silicon Valley Execs

Fox News highlighted the incredible fundraising success of former President Donald Trump, who raked in an impressive $141 million for his campaign and the Republican National Committee in the past month. The majority of this funding came from grassroots supporters, but the real kicker came from the prominent crypto entrepreneurs, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

In a bold move, Tyler Winklevoss announced a substantial donation of $1 million worth of Bitcoin to Trump, citing the Biden Administration’s negative stance towards American businesses. He made it clear that Trump is the only choice for those who support Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and the free market, vehemently rejecting any differing opinions.

Cameron Winklevoss followed his brother’s lead by matching the generous donation and declaring his unwavering support for President Trump. The twins emphasized the importance of standing up against Washington’s attacks on the crypto industry and expressed confidence that Trump will champion their cause effectively.

Notably, these tech tycoons are not alone in their endorsement of Trump. Silicon Valley executive Jacob Helberg, who had previously supported Biden, has now shifted his allegiance to the former president. Helberg criticized the Democratic Party for veering towards radical progressivism under Biden’s leadership, prompting him to throw his support behind Trump.

The sentiments expressed by these prominent figures in the tech and crypto spheres underscore a growing trend among entrepreneurs who feel disillusioned by the current administration’s policies. As the 2024 election draws nearer, it seems Trump’s pro-business, pro-crypto stance is resonating with a significant segment of the industry, setting the stage for an interesting political landscape in the tech world.

Written by Staff Reports

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