Trump Says He Knows Who is to Blame for GOP Losses and it isn’t Him!

Many Republican members of the party and the media are blaming Donald Trump for the midterm election results. However, the president responded to these critics on his Truth Social network.

In response to the criticisms, Trump stated that the election results were not his fault, and he also claimed that he could name the people who were responsible for the losses.

In addition, Trump claimed that 232 out of the 252 races that were won by the Republicans were won by people who had his endorsement. He also stated that the media was working overtime to create a negative narrative about him.

The establishment Republican groups worked against the pro-MAGA candidates. They also cut down on the funding for competitive races.

Open Secrets, a political transparency organization, reported that the Senate Leadership Fund, which is a superPAC supporting the Republican Senate candidate, was able to raise $250 million during the election cycle. At the end of the campaign, the organization had about $40 million left. Why wasn't the rest of the funding used in key races?

Written by Staff Reports

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