Trump Soars Even Higher as Ramaswamy Rides the Wave!

In the latest twist in the 2024 race, political newcomer Vivek Ramaswamy is making waves while former President Donald Trump continues to dominate the field. According to a new survey conducted by RMG Research, Trump has expanded his lead to a staggering 47 points, with 60% of GOP primary voters backing him. This aligns with other polls that show Trump’s average support at 54.3% and a CBS poll in June putting him at 61%.

While this is undoubtedly good news for Trump, the survey also highlights Ramaswamy’s momentum in the race. With 13% support, he has reached his highest recorded level of support so far, just a week before the Fox-hosted Republican presidential debate. On the other hand, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is experiencing a downward spiral, with just 8% support in the survey, a significant drop from his second-place standing two weeks ago. Other candidates like Mike Pence and Nikki Haley are also struggling to gain traction.

It is worth noting that this survey was conducted before Trump was indicted for the fourth time, yet he continues to exhibit remarkable political resilience. According to the Daily Signal editor Rob Bluey, 83% of Trump supporters said they were “absolutely certain” they would vote for him, compared to only 38% of DeSantis supporters who expressed a similar sentiment. This data suggests that Trump’s support is unwavering, while DeSantis may face more challenges and potential shifts in public opinion.

As the 2024 race heats up, it’s clear that Trump remains a formidable force within the Republican Party. His support shows no signs of wavering, while Ramaswamy’s rise demonstrates a shifting landscape. Only time will tell how these dynamics will ultimately shape the GOP’s nominee for the upcoming election. Stay tuned for more updates on this unfolding political drama.

Written by Staff Reports

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