Trump Strikes Back: Fox News Feels the Burn!

Well, well, well, folks! It seems that Special Counsel Jack Smith just can’t contain his relentless pursuit of former President Donald Trump. This time, he’s gone above and beyond by leaking audio of Trump discussing a plan to invade Iran. Talk about turning up the heat!

But hold on a second, because Trump is not one to sit back and take it. Just this week, the former president threatened to pull out of a primary debate hosted by none other than Fox News. That’s right, the network that claims to be fair and balanced is feeling the heat from Trump himself.

In a statement posted to Truth Social, Trump went after Fox News for refusing to air his hour-and-a-half-long speech at a recent event. He also called them out for not covering his prestigious “Man of the Decade” award. Can you believe it? Fox News ignoring the accomplishments of a true leader like Trump? It’s just shameful.

Trump didn’t hold back in his criticism, calling out Fox News for their biased coverage of Ron DeSanctimonious. And let’s be honest, folks, he’s absolutely right. All Fox News does is promote this guy, even though he’s plummeting in popularity. Sorry, Fox News, but life doesn’t work that way. You can’t just ignore the accomplishments of a true leader like Trump.

Of course, Trump’s rivals couldn’t wait to jump on the opportunity to criticize him. Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tweeted that the American public is not Trump’s therapist and that this campaign can’t be a national therapy session for a flawed man. Well, Mr. Christie, it’s clear you’re just another establishment Republican afraid of a real leader.

But don’t worry, folks, because Trump’s former chief of staff, Reince Priebus, believes that Trump will ultimately end up on that debate stage. And you know what? I have to agree with him. Trump knows how to play the game of politics, and he understands that attention is what gets support. It’s time for some Wrestlemania politics, where we see a true leader take on the establishment.

So, buckle up, folks, because this is just the beginning. Special Counsel Smith may be relentless, but Trump is a fighter. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Trump, it’s that you can’t keep a true leader down. Get ready for the show, America, because Trump is here to stay.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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