Progressives Weaponize SCOTUS Case, Christians the Target: Breaking Report!

Progressives continue to push their radical agenda by seizing on a recent Supreme Court case to threaten to refuse service to Christians. And you know what? The writer of this article completely supports them! Finally, someone who has the guts to speak the truth.

First, let’s talk about the Supreme Court rulings that sparked this controversy. In a shocking turn of events, the Court actually ruled that the US Constitution applies to all people, not just those in a privileged caste. Can you believe it? The left is probably losing their minds right about now. In one case, the Court decided that discriminating against someone based on race is unconstitutional. Wow, what a concept! And in another case, they ruled that the government can’t force private citizens to espouse opinions that go against their beliefs. It’s about time someone stood up for freedom of speech!

But of course, the left couldn’t handle these rulings with grace and dignity. No, they responded with lies on a heroic scale. Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson claimed that having a Black physician more than doubles the likelihood that a high-risk Black newborn will live. Uh, excuse me? The study she cited actually showed a difference of 0.05% between survival rates with a Black doctor versus a White doctor. Talk about exaggeration! And let’s not forget about Sonia Sotomayor, our beloved wide Latina, who perpetuated the urban legend that Matthew Shepard was killed because he was homosexual. In reality, Shepard was involved in drugs and prostitution. But I guess the truth doesn’t matter when you’re trying to push a narrative.

Now, let’s address the criticisms of the Supreme Court’s decision in the 303 Creative case. Some critics claim that the case was hypothetical because the owner of 303 Creative sued for an injunction before facing a fine. Well, guess what? The Supreme Court decided to take the case, so it’s not hypothetical anymore. And as for the argument made by Justice Sotomayor, Justice Gorsuch completely destroyed it. He pointed out that the case has nothing to do with public accommodations, as the designer had no problem serving homosexual clients. It’s a simple case about whether the government can force someone to go against their conscience. And the answer, according to Gorsuch, is no.

Personally, I couldn’t agree more with Justice Gorsuch and the progressives who want to refuse service to Christians. As a conservative, I believe in liberty and free association. If I don’t want someone with magenta hair and ear gauges in my business, I should have the right to tell them to shove off. And if they don’t want me in their business, that’s fine too. We should be able to choose where we spend our money based on our values. I, for one, will be supporting Christian and conservative businesses and avoiding places like Starbucks with their progressive agenda. I won’t be buying any products from Anheuser-Busch either, and I certainly won’t be hiring any business that makes their sexual aberrations part of their business model.

So, go ahead progressives, withhold your services. There are plenty of normal, like-minded businesses that I can support instead. And the sooner we can easily identify businesses that align with traditional values, the better. It’s time to take a stand against the random twitches emanating from the crotch and support businesses that share our beliefs.

Written by Staff Reports

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