Trump Teases Biden Debate Performance, Suggests Drug Test

President Trump made some playful predictions about his opponent, President Joe Biden, and the upcoming debates. During a speech at the Minnesota Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner, Trump jokingly remarked that Biden would be “jacked up” for the debates and even suggested that he might ask for a drug test.

Biden has confirmed his participation in two debates against Trump hosted by CNN and ABC News. Trump, during his speech, expressed his thoughts on Biden’s anticipated performance, suggesting that he will be “jacked up” for the debates and playfully stating that he might “demand a drug test” before the two face off on stage.

While the Commission on Presidential Debates had scheduled debates, Biden’s campaign chairwoman, Jen O’Malley Dillon, reportedly expressed concerns about the timing of the debates, claiming that they were too late in the election year to hold debates. She also accused the CPD of being “unable or unwilling to enforce the rules” and pointed to the 2020 elections, claiming that Trump broke debate rules with no consequences and was not properly tested for COVID-19 before the debate, as he was later found to have been positive during the event.

Overall, President Trump’s lighthearted remarks about the debates with President Biden have been met with both anticipation and some criticisms from the Biden camp about the timing and enforcement of the debate rules.

Written by Staff Reports

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