Trump to Endorse Jordan for Speaker? Game Changer Incoming!

In a stunning development, it has been revealed that President Donald Trump, the man with a hairdo that defies gravity, plans to endorse none other than Rep. Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House. Yes, you heard it right, folks. The guy who used to wrestle in college is now favored to pick up the gavel and lead the House Republicans.

This news comes from none other than Sean Hannity, a man who knows a thing or two about being biased. According to the Calvin Coolidge Project, President Trump is all set to officially endorse Jordan. And why wouldn’t he? Jordan has expressed his openness to having Trump as Speaker, so it’s a match made in conservative heaven.

In fact, just the other day, Jordan had a “great conversation” with Trump about the Speaker opening. It must have been quite a chat. Maybe they talked about their shared love for bronzer or exchanged tips on how to maintain a perfectly coiffed hairstyle. Who knows?

Now, here’s the twist. The former president is also considering throwing his hat into the ring. That’s right, folks. Trump, the man with a penchant for lawsuits and legal disputes, wants to become Speaker. But there’s a little snag. According to the Republican Conference Rules, anyone indicted for a felony cannot serve in a leadership position. And guess what? Trump is facing not one, not two, but a whopping 91 charges in four separate criminal cases. That’s enough legal trouble to make a lawyer faint.

But fear not, fellow conservatives! The rules can always be modified to accommodate Speaker Trump. After all, rules are meant to be broken, right? Just ask any Democrat on Capitol Hill.

Reps. Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise are currently the leading contenders to replace Kevin McCarthy, who got the boot as Speaker of the House. But let’s be honest, folks. Trump’s endorsement, when it comes, will be a game-changer. Who wouldn’t want the endorsement of a man who has a building with his name on it in big, gold letters? It’s like having the Midas touch, but with spray tan.

So, let’s wait and see what happens. Will Jordan, the man with a wrestling background, pick up the gavel? Or will Trump, the man with a Twitter addiction, take charge? Either way, it’s going to be an interesting showdown. And who knows, maybe they’ll even have a hair-off to see who has the more impressive ‘do.

Written by Staff Reports

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