Trump Towers Over Rivals in GOP Showdown – VP Buzz Intensifies!

Former President Donald Trump, before even officially securing the 2024 Republican nomination, managed to secure a “commanding win” in the Iowa caucuses with 51 percent of the vote. He’s leaving the other Republicans in the dust like they just got hit with a face full of Iowa corn pollen. And let’s not forget that time in New Hampshire when he walked in like he owned the place, with a 13.5 percent lead over the rest of the field. That’s practically a chasm in politics.

So, naturally, everyone is already skipping past the “who will he choose?” phase and landing square in the “who will he choose as his running mate?” phase. It’s like getting to choose which dessert to have after you already know dinner’s going to be the best ever. So who’s on the shortlist for Trump’s VP pick? Well, hold onto your MAGA hats, folks, because we’ve got a barn-burner of a list featuring New York’s Rep. Elise Stefanik, Ohio’s Sen. J.D. Vance, and of course, the always captivating Nikki Haley! It’s like an all-star lineup of rock ‘n’ roll, except, you know, for Republicans.

And no one knows who Trump will choose, except Trump. But you can imagine that anyone on Big Tech’s payroll (which is probably everyone, if you ask The Western Journal) is sweating bullets over the thought of President Trump back in the White House.

But let’s not forget the real question here: Could any of these potential VP picks actually help secure the win for Trump? And what about those sassy Democrats like Joe Biden who are just waiting in the wings? The RealClearPolitics average of polls shows Trump with only a 1.6-point advantage over Biden, which is practically a rounding error. If that doesn’t have every GOP strategist shaking in their shiny shoes, I don’t know what will. Whoever Trump chooses as his running mate better not just be a pretty face – they better be able to bring some electoral votes to the party, or else it’s “Bye, bye, Miss American Pie” again in 2024.


Written by Staff Reports

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