Trump Triumphs: Wash. Judge Foils Left’s 14th Amendment Ploy

In a blow to the left’s desperate attempts to erase any trace of former President Donald Trump, a Washington Superior Court Judge has ruled that Trump will remain on the state’s primary and general election ballots. This decision comes as yet another failed attempt by liberals to remove Trump from the political arena using the flimsy grounds of the 14th Amendment.

Judge Mary Sue Wilson rightfully recognized that Secretary of State Steve Hobbs acted within his duties by including Trump on the ballot. It’s refreshing to see a judge who understands the importance of following the law, even if it upsets the liberals who are hell-bent on erasing Trump’s legacy. Hobbs himself expressed gratitude for the judge’s ruling and emphasized that he and his staff have been operating in full compliance with state laws.

The left’s obsession with amending the 14th Amendment to fit their agenda is truly baffling. How can anyone be considered to have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” without being indicted or convicted? It seems that Democrats are more interested in disregarding the presumption of innocence and due process rights than actually upholding the Constitution. Reminder: Trump has not been indicted or convicted of insurrection, as much as the left wishes to believe otherwise.

And of course, Vice President Kamala Harris couldn’t resist inserting herself into the situation, accusing Republicans of trying to “silence voters.” The irony here is palpable, as it is the Democrats who are attempting to silence Republican voters by removing Trump, the front-running Republican candidate, from the ballots. The hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Thankfully, Washington Republicans celebrated the judge’s decision, recognizing it as a victory for the democratic process. State Rep. Jim Walsh, chair of the Washington State Republican Party, expressed his joy on social media, emphasizing that this is not just about Trump but about preserving our democracy.

With the judge’s ruling, the printing of Washington ballots will proceed, and Trump’s name will rightfully be included. It’s a win for conservatives who believe in fair elections and upholding the rights of all candidates, regardless of their political affiliation.

It’s clear that the left will stop at nothing to erase Trump and silence his supporters. But as long as there are judges who are willing to follow the law and defend the democratic process, their efforts will continue to be fruitless. America deserves a fair and transparent electoral system, and that includes allowing Trump to remain on the ballots.

Written by Staff Reports

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