Trump Trounces Biden in Latest Polls, America Rallies for a Comeback!

In a recent April national poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates, it’s been revealed that Donald Trump is taking the lead among likely voters, with a staggering 49% compared to Joe Biden’s measly 45%. This just goes to show that the American people are still firmly in support of our incredible former President, and are not falling for the liberal media’s lies and deception.

It’s clear that the silent majority is waking up and speaking out for what they truly believe in. Despite the left’s attempts to undermine Trump’s incredible legacy, he continues to prove that he is the leader that America needs. With Biden’s disastrous policies causing chaos at home and abroad, it’s no wonder that voters are turning back to the proven leadership of Donald Trump.


The mainstream media may try to downplay these results, but the American people can see through their biased reporting. It’s time for the silent majority to rise up and make their voices heard once again. The future of our great nation depends on it, and with Donald Trump leading the charge, there’s no doubt that we can make America great again!

Written by Staff Reports

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