Trump Vows to Flip Minnesota Red, Eyes Electoral Expansion

Former President Donald Trump made a triumphant return to Minnesota at a GOP dinner on Friday, declaring his intention to turn the traditionally blue state red in the upcoming election. Despite no Republican candidate winning Minnesota since 1972, Trump boldly claimed victory in the state for both the 2016 and 2020 elections. He confidently asserted that recent polls showed him either tied or leading President Joe Biden in Minnesota, expressing optimism about his chances in the state.

During his speech, Trump confidently proclaimed, “I’m here tonight to declare that we’re officially expanding the electoral map.” He also predicted that the people of Minnesota would deliver a resounding “You’re fired” to President Biden in the November election. The former president’s visit to Minnesota marked a significant reversal from his previous statement that he would not return to the state if he lost in 2020, demonstrating his unwavering determination to win over the state’s voters.

The event also featured Republican figures such as Gov. Doug Burgum of North Dakota, who is speculated to be a potential vice presidential candidate. Trump hinted at his vice presidential search and suggested that Burgum could be a strong contender for the position. Additionally, several prominent Republicans including Sen. Tim Scott are believed to be under consideration for the vice presidential slot.

Furthermore, Trump is scheduled to address the National Rifle Association Leadership Forum in Dallas, where he hinted at the possibility of receiving the organization’s endorsement. With polls showing Trump leading Biden by a national average of 1 point as of May 17, the former president’s energetic campaign efforts and strong support from like-minded figures indicate a competitive electoral battle ahead.

Written by Staff Reports

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