Trump’s Doctor Spills the Tea: Presidential Health Check-Up Reveals All

Dr. Bruce Aronwald, the personal physician of former President Donald Trump, published a medical report on Monday asserting that Trump is in "excellent" health, which was an unsurprising development. As President Joe Biden celebrated his 81st birthday, this information was released, making him the oldest president in history. Isn't that an accomplishment worthy of pride? Ronald Reagan, who completed his second term at the mature old of 77, was the next closest. Discourse regarding the waning influence of age at the White House!

Dr. Aronwald's letter states that all of Trump's physical examinations fell within the expected range, while his cognitive evaluations were exemplary. It is as if Trump's intellect is operating at peak efficiency, whereas other presidents may be experiencing a decline in theirs. Moreover, as a result of Trump's weight loss, his most recent laboratory analysis was even more favorable than prior assessments. Who knew that a modest reduction in body weight could produce such positive outcomes?

However, that is not all! Aronwald additionally disclosed that all of Trump's cancer screenings were negative and that his cardiovascular studies yielded normal results. Essentially, the individual embodies a health textbook. Moreover, in addition to organizing a rigorous schedule, Trump successfully achieved weight loss through improved nutrition and consistent physical activity. It is difficult for me to manage a workout during my lunch break, yet here I am, the leader of the free world, and Trump finds time to exercise. Consider raising the threshold extremely high.

Dr. Aronwald concluded his expert medical opinion by stating that Trump will continue to experience a healthy and active lifestyle for many years to come and is presently in excellent health. If that fails to engender doubt regarding Biden's suitability for the presidency, I am uncertain of what will. Biden would have turned 86 years old at the conclusion of a prospective second term. That is exceeding the 75-year life expectancy of a white male. It may be time to set aside geriatric jokes and contemplate whether or not our president is capable of completing a full tenure. Simply a notion.

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