Truth Revealed: Jan 6 Committee Shreds Evidence, Tramples Trump’s Rights!

The Democrats who ran the January 6th Committee, which looked into the Capitol riot, have been accused of destroying important papers and evidence related to the investigation. During an interview with Fox News, Republican congressman Barry Loudermilk told the news. He also said that the committee wasn't doing its job because it didn't look into possible security problems at the Capitol and because it didn't have a good plan for keeping the information it did gather.

Loudermilk said that the committee didn't use a database system to index and digitise the information it gathered, which made it hard for detectives to find what they were looking for. He also said that the "Blue Team," which was meant to look into security problems, was shut down before it could do its job because the committee wanted to put the riot on former President Donald Trump.

The people who are on the group have also been looked at. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi turned down two candidates from the Republican party. This made the Republicans pull all of their nominees. Pelosi then chose two Republicans who were against Trump to serve on the committee. Because of this partisan mix and worries about selective editing of testimony and contact with the Biden White House, Republicans asked that all information be kept so that the American people could see everything.

The committee's decision to throw away records calls into question its honesty and its goals. Mark Levin, who has a conservative talk show, said this could be an attempt to stop future Republican probes and keep former President Trump from seeing evidence that could clear him. It also makes it harder for other witnesses to clear their names. Loudermilk, in particular, was wrongly accused by the committee of helping the rioters, and it took surveillance film to clear him.

In contrast to what the committee did, former President Trump has been charged with mishandling government records, but he did not destroy any papers. The Department of Justice hasn't said that it will look into whether or not the committee destroyed records.

Written by Staff Reports

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