Twitter Mocks AOC After Absurd Tweet About Gas Stoves

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the House of Representatives from New York, is facing criticism on Twitter after she suggested that using gas-fired cooking appliances could lead to cognitive decline and brain damage.

Her tweet was in response to a post by Rep. Ronny Jackson, who stated that he would never give up on using a gas stove. His post came after reports indicated that federal agencies were considering banning the use of gas-fired cooking appliances.

The exchange occurred as the CPSC revealed earlier this week that it was considering banning gas stoves if the safety of the appliances can’t be improved. The agency cited concerns about the health effects of the toxic gases produced by the stoves.

Around 35% of households in the US use gas stoves, and in certain regions like New Jersey and California, this figure has reached as high as 70%. Experts have also raised concerns about the harmful effects of these appliances. Studies have shown that these types of stoves emit high levels of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, which can cause a dangerous environment if not properly ventilated.

Despite the concerns about the safety of gas-fired cooking appliances, the CPSC stated that it was not currently planning on implementing a ban on the practice.

Officials of the CPSC stated that they were planning on gathering information from the public about the hazards associated with using gas-fired cooking appliances. They also said that they were working with other organizations to address the issue.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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