UK Discontinues Vaccinations For Healthy Children Ages 5 to 11

The Covid-19 immunization will no longer be administered to young, healthy children aged 5 to 11 years old, as announced by the Health Security Agency of the United Kingdom. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended against vaccinating children.

If a kid reaches five after August 2022, they will no longer be eligible to receive a COVID vaccine until they are 12 years old unless they are considered "clinically vulnerable."

The following can be found in the Green Book, a resource for medical professionals in the UK:

This one-time initiative is open to children aged five to eleven, including children who will reach five years old before the month of August 2022 has passed.

The reasoning behind the Green Book in the UK is as follows:

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) recommended a one-time, non-urgent program to administer vaccination to all children aged five to eleven who were not in a clinical risk group in February of 2022. Because children are at a low risk of COVID-19 infection, and because by February 2022, almost all children in this age group will already have been infected with COVID-19, the immediate benefits of vaccination in this age group are likely to be small. This is because children are at low risk from COVID-19 infection. Even though Omicron infection seems to be very mild, and the protection generated by the vaccination against mild Omicron infection is only temporary, the purpose of the offer is to strengthen and expand protection against severe COVID-19 in preparation for a potential future wave of COVID-19. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) has suggested that distribution of paediatric non-COVID-19 immunization programs across all ages should receive the appropriate amount of attention because this offer is not urgent.

According to the Green Book, "Subject to further clarification, on-going eligibility in 2022/23, after the one off-programme is expected to be for children in the academic years where children are aged 11 or 12 years." This statement was made after it was stated that the one-off program would no longer be in effect.

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