Ukraine Marks Easter Amid Drone Attacks, Zelenskyy Calls for Divine Aid

As Ukraine celebrated its third Easter during a time of war, those pesky Russians decided to rain down a bunch of drones over in the east of the country. President Zelenskyy, not one to miss a chance to rally the troops, asked his fellow Ukrainians to join in prayer, calling on God to help them out. Apparently, God is now an official ally in their beef with Russia. Talk about a holy alliance!

The Ukrainian air force claimed they shot down most of the drones – 23 out of 24, to be exact. But hey, there’s always some collateral damage in these situations. A few unfortunate souls, including a child, got injured in one of the drone strikes. And to add insult to injury, some buildings caught fire from the falling debris. Can’t a country catch a break on a holiday?

With safety in mind, the folks in Kyiv suggested everyone watch their Easter services online this year. It seems celebrating in person is just too risky these days. The head honcho of the city even warned about potential mischief from their aggressor neighbors. Leave it to the Russians to ruin a good Easter egg hunt.

Over in Russia, Putin and his crew were busy attending their own Easter service in a fancy cathedral. It’s led by Patriarch Kirill, who loves to show his unwavering support for the Kremlin. Meanwhile, most Ukrainians identify as Orthodox Christians, but there’s some drama with the church split and all that jazz.

All in all, it sounds like Easter in Ukraine was a mix of prayers, drones, and political theatrics. Let’s hope next year they can just focus on finding those hidden eggs without any unwanted visitors buzzing overhead.

Written by Staff Reports

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