UN Backs Ceasefire Favoring Hamas as Biden’s Support for Israel Wavers

In a recent turn of events, the United Nations Security Council has approved a ceasefire proposal in support of Hamas. This decision comes after President Joe Biden endorsed the resolution, further showcasing his lack of unwavering support for Israel. The resolution calls on Hamas to accept the proposed ceasefire, putting both Israel and the terrorist organization on an equal footing.

This move by the Security Council is concerning, as it undermines Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas’ terrorist activities. The resolution fails to acknowledge the constant threat that Hamas poses to the safety and security of the Israeli people. It is disappointing to see the council treat Israel and Hamas as if they are equally responsible for the ongoing conflict. 


The U.S.-drafted proposal highlights the reluctance of Biden and the Democrats to firmly stand with Israel. By pushing for a ceasefire that does not prioritize Israel’s safety, they are sending a dangerous message to the world. It is crucial for the United States to unequivocally support Israel, its longstanding ally in the Middle East.

Hamas’ response to the ceasefire proposal further demonstrates their deceptive tactics. By claiming to “welcome” the proposal while seeking “indirect negotiations,” Hamas is trying to manipulate the situation to their advantage. Their history of violence and disregard for innocent lives should not be overlooked or rewarded with favorable terms.

It is imperative for the international community to recognize Israel’s right to self-defense and condemn Hamas’ terrorist actions. The Security Council’s decision sets a troubling precedent and hinders efforts to bring lasting peace to the region. Conservatives must continue to stand with Israel and advocate for policies that prioritize the safety and security of the Israeli people.

Written by Staff Reports

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