University Creates New COVID Strain With 80% Fatality Rate

It has been reported that researchers at Boston University have developed a new, more lethal strain of COVID-19.

The Daily Mail reports that a group of researchers from the states of Massachusetts and Florida have taken a spike protein from the primary virus and inserted it into the Omicron virus. Eight out of ten mice that had been infected with the spiked protein succumbed to death as a direct result of the combination of the two viruses that had been combined together.

The study included modifying viruses in order to render them more dangerous or contagious. The experiment was carried out with the intention of gaining a head start on a potential future epidemic.

The findings of the tests showed that the new COVID-19 strain has a lethality rate of 80%, which is significantly higher than the 0.3% mortality rate of the original virus. The risky experiments to gain function in human cells are continuing even as the new virus is successfully infecting human cells.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on OAN.

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