VIDEO: Gavin Newsom Has Completely Lost His Marbles

In his second inauguration speech, Gavin Newsom delivered a speech full of hateful rhetoric and demonizing Americans.

Despite being regarded as one of the worst governors in the country, Gavin Newsom was still able to win a second term. In his inauguration speech, he continued to demonize Republicans.

According to the Washington Examiner, Gavin Newsom took aim at unnamed Republicans during his inauguration speech.

"In his speech, Newsom criticized Republicans for spreading victimhood and grievance in an attempt to undo the progress that has been made in the country. He also claimed that they make it harder to vote."


Gavin Newsom's policies have led to a mass exodus from California. It was due to his open communist ideals and his bad business practices.

According to U-Haul, the number of people moving to Texas and Florida in 2022 was a record high.

Texas has been named as the top state for two years in a row. Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina are also in the top five. At the bottom are California, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New York.

According to a realtor in Florida, every home she has sold recently has been to buyers who live outside of the state.

According to Michelle Keohane, an agent with Infinite Real Estate, people who moved to Florida or New York from California can sell their properties in the state and buy them in cash. She stated that the standard of living in these regions was much higher than in California.

Christina Pushaw, on Twitter, criticized Gavin Newsom for claiming that Floridians were living under dictatorships. She noted that people were fleeing California and moving to the state in droves. She wondered what kind of dictatorships exist in Florida, as there would be hundreds of thousands of individuals clamoring to relocate every year.

Despite the immense amount of talent that California has, liberal strongholds are still holding back the state's progress. They are preventing the rest of the state from participating in the political process. We are truly sorry to hear about the increasing number of people who are unable to vote due to their local elected officials.

The increasing property taxes, the homeless crisis, and the crime rates in California have led to many people becoming disillusioned with Gavin Newsom's administration. It is clear that the state is on a downward trajectory, and it will take a long time for people to realize what has happened.

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