VIDEO: Sheriff CRUSHES Kamala On Open Border Policies

A sheriff in Texas is speaking out against the incompetence of Kamala Harris and the escalating issue on the southern border.

You are going to witness Kamala Harris's "deer in the headlights" face here in a moment when she is pressed on the topic of the border being secure. She is one of the biggest liars in politics. When he calls Kamala Harris out on her lies, the sheriff in Texas isn't giving her much of a chance to defend herself.

The decision made by Governor Greg Abbott to deport migrants from the southern border to liberal places such as Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. was praised by the sheriffs in South Texas.

On Tuesday, Sheriff Roy Boyd of Goliad County appeared on "Fox & Friends" to examine the events that have taken place in his county and to explain why Vice President Kamala Harris' assertion that the border is safe is untrue.

This comes after Kamala Harris laid the blame for the weakened border security measures on the administration of Donald Trump.

Over the course of the weekend, Kamala Harris reiterated her claims that illegal immigration is not a problem along the southern border. During earlier interviews, she said that the border was safe, and the person who was conducting the interview didn't provide her much resistance to her claims. This did not occur at all during this particular instance.

How in the world can Kamala Harris ever contemplate pointing the finger at the Trump presidency or the situation that is unfolding at the southern border? Just this year alone, there have been about 2 million encounters along the southern border, and that number does not include the people who the border patrol has not run into. The situation at the southern border is a mess, but the administration of President Joe Biden isn't doing anything to address it.

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