WARNING: 18 Counties Declare Emergency as THOUSANDS of Illegals Cross

The Washington Journal Reports: The county of Van Zandt, located in the northeastern part of Texas, is the 18th to declare an invasion at its border with Mexico.

A resolution expressing support for Governor Greg Abbott's attempts to lessen turmoil along the border was signed by the county commissioners and Judge Don Kirkpatrick.

During the time that President Joe Biden has been in office, more than fifty persons who are known to be terrorists have entered the United States illegally, and an unprecedented volume of illegal substances and people are entering the country. Despite this, Vice President Kamala Harris asserted that there are no security concerns at the border.

Following the decision made on August 31 by the judges and county commissioners of Van Zandt, they have joined the ranks of 17 other judges and commissioners who have signed motions recognizing an invasion at the southern border. As a direct result of the measures enacted by the Biden administration, Texas is experiencing historic amounts of undocumented immigrants, human trafficking, and drug smuggling, according to all of these individuals.

In spite of the fact that Abbott has not declared an invasion, he has lately given orders to state law enforcement authorities to apprehend anyone who cross the border illegally and bring them to ports of entry. In addition to this, he is the only governor of Texas who has constructed a wall on Texas territory.

Since he initiated Operation Lone Star five years ago, a multi-agency operation has resulted in more than 300,800 illegal aliens being detained in the state of Texas, in addition to more than 19,400 criminal arrests and more than 16,800 felony charges being filed.

Additionally, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has been able to seize approximately 335 million fatal doses of fentanyl, which is enough to kill almost every adult and child in the country.

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