Washington Waves Goodbye to Legal Rigor, Dumps Bar Exam!

The Washington Supreme Court Drops Bar Exam Requirement for New Lawyers to Bureaucratic Insanity

The liberal loonies in the Washington Supreme Court have given a big ol’ stamp of approval to all sorts of crazy new ways for law students to become licensed attorneys in the Evergreen State. And get this, folks – none of them even require taking the bar exam! It’s like they’re just handing out law licenses like candy on Halloween!

One of the newfangled methods is an apprenticeship program for law school grads where they have to slave away under the watchful eye of an attorney for a mere six months before submitting a fancy portfolio for review. It’s like they think they can learn everything they need to know about lawyering from just a half a year of panhandling for a real attorney. The other option is a real hoot – students can complete 12 credits of skills coursework, rack up 500 hours of hands-on legal work before even graduating, and then present a portfolio for the Washington State Bar to look over. It’s almost like they’re skipping over the whole part about proving they know anything about law at all!

And hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen, because it gets even wilder. Those ambitious law clerks can now become real-deal lawyers without even stepping foot inside of a law school. All they have to do is complete some standardized education courses under the guidance of an attorney and clock in 500 hours of work as a licensed legal intern. It’s as if they think being a lawyer is just a 9 to 5 job you can pick up at the local grocery store!

But of course, the Washington Supreme Court didn’t stop there. They had to throw in some fancy words about diversity, equity, and inclusion to make this whole circus act seem like a serious endeavor. They talked about how these alternative pathways will ensure a “competent, licensed body of new attorneys who are so desperately needed around the state.” It’s like they’re trying to convince us that watering down the requirements for becoming a lawyer will magically make us all safer and more secure!

And get this, folks – other liberal strongholds like California are thinking about dropping the bar exam requirement too, all in the name of helping historically disadvantaged groups avoid the “heavy expense” of preparing for the traditional bar exam. It’s like they think the bar exam is just too darn hard for some people, so why not just lower the bar for everyone?

It’s a real head-scratcher, folks. But one thing’s for sure – the Washington Supreme Court has definitely earned their place in the Bureaucratic Insanity Hall of Fame with this one. Let’s hope they come to their senses before the whole legal system goes completely off the rails!

Written by Staff Reports

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