WATCH: Biden Tells a BOLD Lie

Joe Biden responded to growing doubts about his ability to serve as vice president by stating that such concerns are warranted.

In a recent interview with MSNBC, Joe Biden stated that he is still capable of doing a great deal of work, despite his advanced age, and that he had a great deal of energy and passion. He continued by saying that those who are concerned about his health should vote against him or push him to not seek reelection in the upcoming election.

Following that, the President complimented his Vice President, Kamala Harris, on her leadership. According to Biden, she is doing a fantastic job, and she has a lot of support from the general public.

“First of all, she’s smart as hell. She has a backbone like a ramrod, enormous integrity,” stated President Joe Biden. There isn't any public figure that is, you know, 60% favorable ratings. I mean, you know, most of, and, but—she’s doing a great job.”

The results of recent polls indicate that Harris's approval ratings are lower than those of Biden. The current approval ratings for Harris are in the 30s. During Harris's tenure as attorney general, more than two million people have crossed the southern border illegally this year.

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