Watch: EPIC Twitter Drama Between AOC & Taylor-Greene

This week, members of the House of Representatives had a heated exchange on social media after Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California removed Ilhan Omar from his committee.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called out Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on Twitter, accusing her of being a coward after the New York Democrat accused her of inciting anti-Semitism and trafficking in conspiracy theories.

"In response, the New York Democrat said that she had repeatedly asked the two of them to debate, but they had not responded."

“Why are you so scared of me when it comes to debating me on policy?” she asked.

The two of them then hit back, with the former accusing the latter of forgetting about their committee, which held its first debate this week. After only a few minutes, she claimed that one elementary school received a $5 billion grant to teach CRT.

She then called out the Democrat Squad member, saying that before becoming a political operative, Ocasio Cortez worked as a bartender.

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