WATCH: Project Veritas EXPOSES Teacher In Undercover Video

Again, Project Veritas has succeeded, guys. This time, they appear to have filmed a New York City middle school teacher indoctrinating children to become radical left-wing foot soldiers by altering the Pledge of Allegiance and teaching them how to throw bricks at protesters.

The communists in our nation are assembling an army. Their warriors are your children, who are fed into the progressive engine of public education and vomited out as radicals eager to symbolically and literally crush anyone who believes in liberty with bricks. It is revolting and reprehensible.

According to a report released by Just the News, Ariane Franco, an English teacher, inadvertently revealed to a Project Veritas journalist that she taught her students "strategic ways" to throw stones.

“Doing it to our own communities does not make sense,” she continued in the video.

Franco provides examples of "crazy organizations" whose members have embraced the brick-throwing method of "protesting" later in the film. She continued by stating that she is "challenging" the Pledge of Allegiance by having her kids alter the words and refusing to stand for it.

“Attempts to learn whether Franco’s school district knows about the video and has a response have so far been unsuccessful,”  the article stated.

It appears that Franco has erased her social media accounts after the publication of the video.

Children are exposed to this type of lunacy in public schools, particularly those located in major urban centres such as New York. Teachers in these regions are predominantly young and left-leaning, which means that for eight hours a day, many children are repeatedly exposed to this perverted progressive worldview. This occurs five days every week.

I regret having to say this, but parents must hear it. No amount of time spent with your child outside of school will be sufficient to erase the damage caused by their exposure to toxic substances for so many hours per year. If you hear a lie often enough, you may begin to believe it to be true.

So what do we do?

First, we eliminate the Department of Education at the national level. The education system should be as near to the parents as possible, with ample room for their input on how their child should be taught. The school system should be privatised to meet these expectations. I am aware that this is a terrible word for some, but when competition increases, so do quality and price.

Privatizing schools would provide parents options on how to educate their children in their community. If a parent dislikes the curriculum at one school, they can transfer their child to another institution. It's that easy.

Perhaps this will become a reality one day.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Trending Politics.

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