White House Alters Transcript of Biden Interview Raises Trust Concerns

The Biden Administration is facing some serious scrutiny over the handling of President Joe Biden’s interview transcript with special counsel Robert Hur. The Justice Department is refusing to release the audio recording of the interview, citing concerns about potential manipulation through AI deepfakes. However, suspicions have been raised that the real reason for withholding the audio lies in the manipulation of evidence by the White House.

Judicial Watch has revealed that the White House confessed to altering the public transcript of Biden’s interview to portray him as more mentally sharp. The discrepancies in the transcript include missing filler words and repeated phrases that were not accurately transcribed. These changes were made to present Biden in a better light, raising questions about the administration’s transparency and honesty. 


The DOJ insists that the differences between the audio and the transcript are minimal, but critics are skeptical of their explanation. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton called out the inaccuracies in the transcript as a clear attempt to benefit Biden politically. The reluctance to release the audio recording further fuels suspicions of a cover-up within the administration.

It is concerning to see potential tampering with evidence at such a high level of government. The American people deserve transparency and honesty from their leaders, and any attempts to manipulate information should be met with serious consequences. This incident raises doubts about the integrity of the Biden Administration and underscores the importance of accountability in public office.

Transparency and honesty should be non-negotiable qualities in our leaders, and any attempts to deceive the public must be met with swift repercussions. Vigilance is essential in holding those in power accountable for their actions, and the American people should demand nothing less.


Written by Staff Reports

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