White House Library Shock: Cocaine Discovery Post Hunter Biden’s Visit!

The eviction of the White House’s grounds on Sunday was caused by the discovery of “something mysterious on the White House area”. The “enigmatic item” turned out to test positive for Cocaine Hydrochloride (powdered cocaine). And guess who paid a visit to the White House just two days before? Hunter Biden, the scandal plagued president’s son with a reputation for getting high. Hunter got booted out of the US Navy after failing a drug test and testing positive for cocaine. Talk about bad timing!

But here’s the twist: the drugs were found in the White House library, which is actually part of the public tour. So, it’s not just Hunter Biden who could be responsible for this mess. Any random person who strolled through there could have left those illegal substances behind. It’s like a real-life version of “Guess Who?” Who’s the culprit? Was it the guy in the suit or the lady with the sunglasses? We may never know!

Of course, people on Twitter couldn’t resist making some jokes about the situation. One user said, “The White House has new meaning” – referencing the color white, which is often associated with cocaine. Gotta love those puns!

Now, Hunter Biden claims that he’s kicked his drug addiction for good and has no desire to use again. But his past still haunts him. In June, he got an incredibly lenient deal from the Department of Justice for lying about his drug addiction history on a gun form. Imagine that, getting special treatment just because you’re the president’s son. Talk about privilege!

The National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action also chimed in, highlighting how the government seems to play favorites when it comes to gun control. They argued that the Biden family gets a sweetheart deal while law-abiding Americans face all sorts of restrictions on their Second Amendment rights. It’s a classic case of those in power picking winners and losers based on their political agenda. Not a fair game, if you ask me.

Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes also criticized the special treatment given to Hunter Biden. He pointed out that this plea deal goes against the Department of Justice’s own tax policies. If someone less connected than Hunter had pulled the same stunt, they would never be given such a generous offer. Double standards, anyone?

So, while the discovery of drugs at the White House may seem like a simple story, it’s actually a deeper reflection of the corruption and favoritism that plagues our government. Hunter Biden may be trying to leave his drug-addled past behind, but it seems like he can’t escape the consequences of his actions. And the rest of us? We’re left wondering if justice will ever truly be blind in this country.

Written by Staff Reports

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