White House, Speaker Johnson Unite Against ICC Action on Israel

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and the White House have both voiced their dissent regarding rumors that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is contemplating the issuance of arrest warrants for senior Israeli officials. This exceptional accord reached by both factions signifies a cohesive front in opposition to the possible warrants.

Johnson emphasized the importance of utilizing "every available tool" to prevent the International Criminal Court from issuing a warrant against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and urged President Joe Biden to intervene and compel the ICC to abstain from doing so. He conveyed profound apprehension regarding the potential repercussions of the International Criminal Court's action on U.S. national security and the hazardous precedent it might establish regarding the subsequent persecution of American diplomats, military personnel, and leaders.

Additionally, the Biden administration condemned any intentions to arrest Israeli leaders. During a press briefing, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emphasized that the administration does not support the investigation and does not believe the ICC has the authority to issue warrants.

Although the ICC's intentions regarding the issuance of arrest warrants remain uncertain, the organization has encountered opposition from several member states advocating for its non-issuance.

This uncommon instance of Biden and Johnson uniting follows their earlier declaration of solidarity regarding Israel. A $26.38 billion aid package was recently approved by Congress, which was signed by Biden last week. The package included funds to replenish the nation's missile defense systems and allocate $3.5 billion for advanced armaments and defense services. Biden endorsed the measure, which received overwhelming support in both the House and Senate.

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