White House Spin Fails to Mask Biden’s Alarming Public Gaffes and Confusion

In the recent news, the White House has been caught in the act of spinning a web of deception to cover up Joe Biden’s public gaffes and moments of confusion. Despite clear video evidence showing Biden freezing up on stage at a California fundraiser, with Barack Obama needing to nudge him along, the mainstream media and White House are desperate to downplay the incident as a non-issue.

The term “cheap fakes” was coined by the White House in an attempt to discredit the unedited footage capturing Biden’s awkward moments. However, there is no denying what the public can see with their own eyes. Biden’s continued blunders, whether it’s getting lost in Europe, head-butting the Pope, or staring blankly into space after a long night, paint a concerning picture of his ability to lead the country.

The parallels drawn between this debacle and the Hunter Biden laptop scandal are stark. Just like how the truth about the laptop eventually came to light despite initial attempts to dismiss it as Russian disinformation, the public can see through the White House’s attempts to gaslight them about Biden’s glaring issues.

It’s not just about gaffes anymore; Biden’s cognitive decline seems to be worsening with time. The sympathy felt by many Americans towards him doesn’t change the fact that he appears increasingly unfit to hold the highest office in the land. The excuses and cover-ups from his administration only add insult to injury.

As the White House continues to push the narrative that every video of Biden is fake or taken out of context, it raises serious doubts about who is really in charge behind the scenes. The American people deserve transparency and honesty, not a facade of competence while the leader of the free world appears to be a mere shell of his former self.

Written by Staff Reports

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