Who To Blame For US Reading And Math Scores?

They're horrifying. According to their newest scores, schoolchildren lost years owing to the pandemic, socioeconomic difficulties, and politics.

Post-pandemic, Education Department exam scores are terrible. Fourth graders' math and reading results are the lowest in decades.

Long-term trends assessments for the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or "Nation's Report Card," reveal record decreases. Wall Street Journal: U.S. 9-year-olds take the tests.

It's more than a pandemic, and recovery will take a generation. Lost years laid important foundations.

Dr. Aaron Pallas, a sociology and education professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, said low student scores could take decades to improve.

“I don’t think we can expect to see these 9-year-olds catch up by the time they leave high school,” he said, referring to the lower-performing students. “This is not something that is going to disappear quickly.”

Reading scores dropped five points in 2022, to 215 out of 500. Math dropped 7 points to 234. Reading scores dropped the most since 1990, while math scores dropped for the first time since 1971. Math and reading scores have dropped during the 1990s.

The least skilled pupils in math and reading had the biggest declines in test scores. Math gaps developed between black and white kids. Only Asian kids improved in reading, by one point.

Midwest and Northeast reading and math scores plummeted 16 and 15 points, respectively. The West saw the biggest drop (5 points). 13 points fell in the South.


Thank Dr. Anthony Fauci, who didn't worry about corporations or kids. To maintain lockdowns, he lied.

The lockdowns, quarantines, and other school restrictions were harsher than COVID. Also, teacher absences and societal issues in schools were problematic.


The lowest exam scorers have limited access to computers and teachers.

There was $190 billion for schools, but it was frittered away.

Why no one mentions the teachers union? Who can forget how communist teacher unions demanded extraordinary perks and protections, causing many to refuse to return to work?

Next time, lock up the sick, not the well.

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