Wicker Demands Transparency Over Pentagon’s Sneaky Hospital Cover-Up!

Sen. Roger Wicker is not pulling any punches when it comes to the Pentagon’s “shocking defiance of the law.” The Defense Department kept Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s hospitalization under wraps, failing to inform President Joe Biden, the National Security Council, and Congress for several days. This secrecy has Sen. Wicker calling for an immediate briefing from the administration.

While Sen. Wicker expresses relief that Austin’s condition has improved, he emphasizes that the Department of Defense’s deliberate withholding of information is simply unacceptable. He believes that when a high-ranking official like the Secretary of Defense is unable to carry out their duties, it is crucial for military families, Members of Congress, and the public to be fully informed about the situation. Therefore, Wicker demands a thorough briefing to shed light on this matter.

Austin was admitted to the hospital on January 1 due to complications from an elective medical procedure. However, he did not inform National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan until three days later, who then informed President Biden. It wasn’t until the following day, January 5, that the Pentagon finally released a statement disclosing Austin’s hospitalization. Unfortunately, the statement lacked crucial details, such as the nature of the elective procedure and the complications involved.

Adding insult to injury, the initial statement failed to mention that Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks had already assumed some of Austin’s duties. Furthermore, it conveniently neglected to mention that Hicks was on vacation in Puerto Rico while Austin was in the hospital. Sen. Wicker sees this failure to disclose vital information as a blow to the trust people have in the Biden administration.

To make matters worse, Austin’s undisclosed hospitalization adds to a growing list of unreported incidents, including the Chinese spy balloon and the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. Sen. Wicker states that these actions by the Biden administration raise more questions than answers. He wants to know why the proper notification procedures were not followed, who made that decision, when the president was actually informed, and why the Department decided to withhold information from the National Security Council. These inquiries are essential to understanding the extent of the Secretary of Defense’s incapacitation due to his surgery.

Sen. Wicker’s strong words reflect his frustration with an administration that he believes consistently disregards Congress’ authority in national defense matters. The lack of transparency demonstrated by the Pentagon only confirms his suspicions. Overall, Sen. Wicker’s call for a briefing and his tough questioning highlight the necessity of governmental accountability and trust in the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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