Woke Nonsense Strikes: Student Penalized for Biology Facts in ‘Ethnic Studies’ Quiz

In a shocking display of woke nonsense, a student in Seattle, Washington was penalized for providing accurate answers on a quiz. And where did this absurdity take place? None other than Chief Sealth International High School, a hotbed of left-wing orthodoxy. It seems that the progressive hive of education has spiraled into the realm of science fiction and outright insanity.

Now, brace yourselves for this one, because the quiz in question was not even in a legitimate science or biology class. No, no, it was some random concoction called “ethnic studies.” Seriously, what is there to learn from a class like that? It’s like studying bigfoot, except even bigfoot studies might teach you something about anthropology. These fake history classes are just an excuse to distort the truth and brainwash impressionable young minds.

But let’s dig into the specifics of this absurd quiz. The questions that caused such outrage were about transgenderism. Students were asked to determine whether the statements “only women can get pregnant” and “all men have penises” were true or false. Now, any rational person would assume that these statements are self-evident truths. But not in the twisted world of woke progressivism.

You see, according to the Left, there is now a debate about whether only women can get pregnant. Are you kidding me? This is nothing short of mental illness. It’s like saying up is down and left is right. When did basic biology become a subject of debate? It’s just another example of how the regressive Left is determined to tear down the pillars of reason and common sense.

And don’t even get me started on the response from Seattle Public Schools. Instead of acknowledging the insanity of the quiz and the punishment inflicted on the student, they defended it as fostering “inclusive environments” and exploring “power systems such as racism and patriarchy.” Give me a break. It’s not about inclusivity or exploration, it’s about indoctrination and pushing a radical agenda.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that come with allowing the regressive Left to dominate our education system. We must fight against this woke indoctrination and demand a return to sanity and logic in our schools. Our children deserve better than to be subjected to this kind of brainwashing. It’s time to put an end to the madness and restore true education to its rightful place.

Written by Staff Reports

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