Yale Students Threaten Hunger Strike Over Weapon Investments

A group of students at a fancy college wrote on Instagram that they might go on a hunger strike if their school doesn’t stop investing in companies that make weapons they say are connected to problems between Israel and Palestine. The students at Yale University say the deadline for what they want is April 12, 2024. They made a letter for the president of Yale, Peter Salovey, saying they are ready to risk their health to bring attention to the issue and say the school is involved in what they call a “genocide.”

The students told Yale’s president that because of what’s happening in Gaza and Rafah, the school should take action to stop supporting what they see as bad things. They said history will remember what choices are made. If Yale doesn’t meet their demands by April 12, 2024, they will start a hunger strike. They will risk their health in ways that show just a small part of what Palestinians are going through until the school changes its ways. The students think Yale should not be a part of what they call genocide.

The students also talked about how the U.S. supports what they see as the military taking over Palestine. They think Yale’s investments are making money from these actions. They feel that Yale and the country are deciding who lives and who dies with their choices, which they call necropolitics. The students have tried talking to the school in different ways, like through meetings and protests, but they feel like no one is listening to them. They said the school isn’t respecting their free speech and are upset that their requests aren’t being taken seriously.

The Daily Caller tried to talk to Yale University about the situation but hasn’t heard back yet. Some conservatives might think it’s concerning that students are using extreme actions like hunger strikes to push their views on the school. They might believe that there are better ways to have discussions and make changes without risking their own health.

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