Zeke Emanuel Downplays Biden’s Age Amid Hypocritical Past Statements

Zeke Emanuel, the brother of the infamous Rahm Emanuel, may not be as well-known, but his ideas are equally toxic. In 2014, he penned an article titled “Why I Hope To Die At 75,” where he argued that people are better off dying at that age because they have little to contribute to society after that. It’s a chilling viewpoint that reflects a twisted sense of utilitarianism and self-importance.

Now, Zeke is trying to downplay concerns about President Joe Biden’s age, claiming that at 81, Biden is simply experiencing “normal aging.” According to Zeke, it’s not Biden’s age that’s the issue, but rather his declining ability to function and loss of “fluid intelligence.” While Zeke suggests that Biden should pass the torch to a younger candidate, he rushes to reassure Democrats that Biden’s performance doesn’t indicate any serious health issues.

It’s hypocritical for Zeke to advocate for older individuals to step aside for the greater good while minimizing concerns about Biden’s cognitive decline. But of course, political expediency trumps principles in the world of the Emanuels. Biden may have dodged the Emanuel Death Panel for now, but as other Democratic contenders start circling, he shouldn’t count on the same level of leniency.

Ultimately, it’s a stark reminder of the selective morality and double standards plaguing the political elite. While Zeke may preach about the virtues of bowing out gracefully for the sake of efficiency, his actions and words reveal a different story regarding those in power.

Written by Staff Reports

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