16 Million Guns Sold: Americans Defend 2nd Amendment Against Biden

In a resounding rejection of President Biden’s gun control plans, Americans scooped up nearly 16 million firearms last year, giving a firm nod to their Second Amendment rights. The FBI released data revealing a whopping 29.8 million background checks in 2023, with the National Shooting Sports Foundation estimating a record 15.8 million actual gun sales. This surge in firearms purchases, which included over 1.7 million transactions in December alone, spells bad news for Biden’s liberal agenda.

Even as the Biden-Harris administration aims to clamp down on gun rights, law-abiding citizens are making it clear that they value their personal safety and freedoms. NSSF spokesman Mark Oliva emphasized the importance Americans place on their Second Amendment rights, denouncing the administration’s effort to stifle and ultimately erase those rights. With 24 states allowing approved gun owners to add to their collections without undergoing new background checks, the actual number of gun purchases is likely even higher than reported.

While the Biden campaign touts its commitment to preserving American democracy and rights, many gun owners feel the president’s policies threaten fundamental constitutional rights, including those protected by the First and Second Amendments. As the media downplays the rise in crime, more and more Americans are taking matters into their own hands, purchasing firearms to defend themselves against the daily onslaught of online violence. And with the 2024 campaign season in full swing, firearm sales are set to soar even higher, as they historically do during election years.

The surge in gun purchases presents an encouraging outlook for the firearm industry in 2024, as retailers gear up to meet the escalating demand for lawful firearm ownership. Consequently, President Biden’s gun control ambitions are faced with a formidable challenge, as Americans continue to assert their Second Amendment rights in the face of government overreach.

Written by Staff Reports

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