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A Terrifying 911 Call From a Wounded Child in a Uvalde classroom.

A terrifying video showing a Customs and Border Protection agent speaking to an injured child in a classroom with the shooter has been provided by an unidentified source, CNN reports.

“Are you injured?” the agent inquired. The youngster said, “I got shot!”

“A kid got shot? A Kid?” Child’s voice gets cut out and an adult can be heard exclaiming.

As soon as agents learned the live radio call was being recorded, they shut down the radio, preventing an anonymous person from recording it on Facebook.

In terms of when this was recorded, it’s uncertain. Despite the incident commander’s claims that the subject was blocked and no children were in danger, we don’t know how this jibes with this. When a youngster has been shot, his or her life is at jeopardy. CBP’s entry into classrooms could have been a result of this. Furthermore, we don’t know how the information was disseminated.

It’s unfortunate that CNN was unable to obtain additional information from this call.

According to CNN, we already know these facts: In addition to these facts, we now know that a school officer drove right past the shooter Salvador Ramos, 18, whereas the Ramos shot at the school; that too many as 19 police officers were inside the school more than 45 minutes before the suspect was killed; and that the local school police chief decided not to disrupt the classroom where the gunman was.

For whatever reason, the attacker carried a bag of dead cats for laughs.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Independent Sentinel.

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