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Again! Radicals’ Mail-In Votes Karen Bass Leads Primary Challenger By 8 Points In LA Mayoral Race; Final Results Won’t Be Known “For Days or Weeks”

After a flurry of mail-in votes prompted a dramatic eight-point swing in the voting results, radical Democrat Rep. Karen Bass (CA) leapfrogged wealthy businessman Rick Caruso — a Republican turned independent, who then switched Democrat – in the primary campaign for mayor of Los Angeles on Tuesday.

With roughly 33% of the vote (245,000 ballots) left to count, Caruso, who is running as a political outsider promising to fix homelessness and crime in the city and was leading the race by five points following the initial tally from in-person polls, is now trailing the extremely “progressive” Bass by -3.

The remaining ballots are mostly mail-ins.

Caruso’s lead dwindled in the week since the polls opened on June 7th, as officials began counting mail-in ballots, eventually leading to the shocking reversal in favour of Bass, a radical left-wing activist who religiously attacked President Trump during his time in office, leading the Democrat’s wild charge to impeach him twice while in Congress.

Bass wasn’t the only one who benefited from the influx of late mail-in ballots. Candidates on the far left in all contests saw a significant increase in support, including candidates for city attorney and numerous city council seats.

Surprisingly, the large swings in favour of radical Democrats occur at a time when California people are rejecting woke leaders and calling for recall elections. Soros-linked San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin was officially replaced by outraged voters earlier this month, in a massive blow to ‘progressive policing’ tactics nationally, and citizens in Los Angeles were able to gather enough signatures to recall Soros-linked DA George Gascon just days ago. He’ll be up for a vote in the near future.

However, as is customary, the most extreme Democrat in the contest benefits from these mysterious, election-determining mail-in ballots. Even in counties where public opinion and vote patterns have shifted dramatically.

Furthermore, according to the LA Times, the final tally of the LA mayoral primary will not be disclosed for “days or even weeks.” As we witnessed in 2020, election authorities currently require as much time as possible to look through mail-in ballots and designate the ‘winner.’

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Gateway Pundit.

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