AI Roasts Fox News: Desperate for Trump at GOP Debate!

Fox News Faces AI Mockery Over Desperate Attempts to Get Trump on Debate Stage

Fox News has found itself in the crosshairs of an artificial intelligence-driven roast, aimed at exposing the network’s relentless pursuit of former President Donald Trump’s presence on the GOP debate stage. The hilarious and profanity-laced clip, shared by Chadwick Moore, biographer of the esteemed Tucker Carlson, delivers a scathing parody of network hosts Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum.

In the video, Baier exclaims, “President Trump is kicking everyone’s ass” in the primary, while MacCallum chimes in, “We’re still trying to set him up with our bulls*** Republican primary debate.” It’s clear from the satirical fake voiceover that Fox News is hopelessly yearning for a spectacle where all the candidates take shots at Trump, just to boost the chances of Ron DeSantis, their chosen golden boy.

Oh, Fox News, always trying to play kingmaker. But perhaps it’s time for the network to admit that their obsession with Trump is bordering on the ridiculous. They claim to be the voice of conservatives, yet they seem to lack any regard for the opinions of their own viewers. They don’t give a s*** about what their audience wants; they’re simply focused on pushing their agenda.

What’s even more comical is that this AI mockery comes just days before Fox News is scheduled to host the GOP candidates for an upcoming debate in Milwaukee. However, the network’s dream of having Trump grace the stage seems unlikely to come true. The former president is well aware that attending the debate would only give his opponents a platform to take potshots at him, as they desperately vie for attention in his shadow.

According to insiders close to the Trump camp, Fox executives went crawling to Trump’s Bedminster estate, begging him to join the debate and sign a “loyalty pledge” promising to support the eventual nominee. But Trump, being the astute politician that he is, declined the offer. He knows that his popularity and ability to defeat President Biden remain unmatched, making the debate nothing more than a sideshow for his also-ran opponents.

It’s clear that Fox News is worried. They’re concerned that without the star power of Trump, their ratings will slump. But maybe it’s time for the network to take a step back and reassess its priorities. Rather than focusing on one candidate, they should provide fair and balanced coverage (a concept they claim to champion) and present viewers with a diverse range of conservative voices. It’s time for Fox News to remember that they serve the people, not the other way around.

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