Biden’s Blunder: Kirby Denies Preventing ISIS-K, Marines Betrayed

John Kirby, the NSA's Strategic Communications Coordinator, used a CNN interview to blame the Abbey Gate attack on ISIS-K and claimed that the government could not prevent it. It is mind-boggling that these officials would make such outlandish claims.

The tragic attack at Abbey Gate was caused by the incompetence and negligence of the Biden administration. Prior to the incident, the Marines at the base had been warning about a potential suicide bomber. One of the soldiers who tried to stop the attacker, Tyler Vargas-Andrews, risked his life to save others. Unfortunately, his request to neutralize the threat was denied.

Instead of addressing the concerns of American citizens, Kirby and his colleagues have chosen to ignore them. It's clear that the Biden Administration did not prioritize the safety of Afghans and US troops.

According to Kirby, there was nothing that the government could have done differently to prevent the attack. However, the testimonies from the soldiers on the ground contradicted this claim. For instance, CENTCOM did not interview Sgt. Vargas- Andrews even after he was severely injured in the blast. It shows that the Biden Administration is not interested in the truth coming out.

The mishandling and confusion surrounding the withdrawal of the U.S. from Afghanistan were distressing. The hasty decisions made by the Biden administration and the lack of a comprehensive plan put numerous lives at risk. Had our leaders acted with sound judgment, the incident might not have happened.

The behavior of Kirby and his liberal colleagues shows that the Biden Administration is incapable of finding solutions to issues and is focused on protecting its reputation instead of learning from its mistakes.

Americans deserve better. Instead of playing politics, leaders should prioritize the well-being of US troops. It's time for Joe Biden and his team to resign from their positions due to their Afghanistan policy's disastrous consequences.

Written by Staff Reports

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