Amazon Abandons Warehouses Before Opening

According to Bloomberg, Amazon has either completed the construction of over 40 warehouses or canceled the development of those warehouses, which accounts for roughly 25 million square feet of real estate.

Bloomberg reported that Amazon's CEO Andy Jassy has developed a strategy to cut an evident surplus of warehouses and employees as a result of a spending spree during the pandemic. The report cited data from supply chain consulting company MWPVL, which closely tracks Amazon's activities. Jassy reportedly developed the strategy after realizing that Amazon had amassed an apparent surplus of warehouses and employees during the spending spree. According to a report by Bloomberg, following a period of rapid growth during the pandemic in which Amazon built a new warehouse virtually every day for a period of time, Amazon has now cancelled, stopped, or delayed the construction of sixty warehouses and cut one hundred thousand employees.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Marc Wulfraat, founder and president of MWPVL, said, There remains some severe downsizing to accomplish by year-end – in North America and the rest of the world.  Having said that, they are continuing to bring additional facilities online at an incredible rate this year.

As a result of inflation remaining close to record highs, Amazon and other struggling retailers have been compelled to reduce their earnings predictions. Amazon is not alone in this predicament. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, both consumer expenditure and the gross domestic product in the United States experienced a modest decrease during the second quarter.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon made an announcement this week that it plans to close two of its delivery stations that are located in Baltimore. The stations together employ more than 300 people. Amazon emphasized that the workers will be able to relocate to other facilities. Amazon would normally be either opening new facilities or employing staff to preparation for the holiday shopping season. However, this year, Amazon has decided to do neither.

According to a spokeswoman for Amazon, it is not uncommon for the corporation to investigate different areas and adjust their plans depending on needs across the network. This information was provided to Bloomberg. In addition, the spokesperson confirmed to Bloomberg that the facilities located in the Baltimore area were going to be shut down as part of the measures to modernize them.

On Wednesday, Amazon made the announcement that it would be offering a new service called Amazon Warehousing and Distribution (AWD). This service will enable third-party vendors to store their inventory at Amazon warehouses by utilizing Amazon's existing infrastructure.

According to the release, Amazon Warehousing and Distribution (AWD) addresses crucial supply chain concerns and assists sellers in growing and managing their businesses while drastically reducing expenses.  Sellers are freed from the time-consuming and difficult process of transporting merchandise from upstream locations to Amazon fulfilment centres when they use this straightforward pay-as-you-go service. AWD makes the promises of supply chain as a services a reality, and it is specifically designed to tackle difficulties associated with inventory management and create operational efficiencies.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the announcement came after recent challenges faced by the retail industry in getting rid of excess inventory. As a result of these challenges, many businesses have resorted to using shipping containers, trucks, and other non-traditional methods in place of warehouses. This comes at a time when consumers' discretionary incomes are being put under pressure by rising prices.

According to MWPVL, Amazon presently has 520 delivery stations for normal packages operating in the United States, and the company has plans to create an additional 150 in the near future.

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