Border Patrol Agents Are Furious Over Biden’s Planned Migrant Surge

Has the current government in the United States turned our nation into a state that does not have borders? Recently, Chief of the Border Patrol Raul Ortiz stated in court that the current government of Vice President Joe Biden had done almost nothing to address the problem of rising rates of undocumented immigrants at the United States border. The Chief Executive Officer asserts that there are "no penalties" for persons who commit crimes.

The filmed deposition that Ortiz gave on July 28 was obtained by Fox News, and it is from this that his statements were taken. According to Fox, the video recording is a piece of the evidence that will be used in a case that will be brought against the Department of Homeland Security and other border authorities by Ashley Moody, who is the attorney general for the state of Florida.

The long-serving law enforcement officer warned the attorneys in Florida that illegal immigration will continue to rise as long as there are no "consequences" for it.

Ortiz told the following during the deposition: In my experiences, we have witnessed increases when there have been no sanctions.

Therefore, there will be a greater influx of migrants at the border if they believe that their acts will not result in any negative consequences. That is what you intend to express, right? questioned the legal representative.
there is an assumption that if migrant groups are aware that there is a possibility that they may be freed, then, absolutely, you may observe rises, said Ortiz. You can notice increases.

The attorney was adamant and continued, saying, So, it will expand tremendously. What exactly is being suggested here, if anything?

In response, Ortiz stated, Well, I firmly believe that it will rise.

Additionally, the attorney questioned Ortiz regarding the "document," which turned out to be a letter from the spring of 2021 that outlined the immigration policies of the Biden administration.

Do the findings of this article imply that illegal immigrants feel they will be able to enter and stay in the United States now that President Joe Biden has been elected? questioned the legal representative.

"Yes," Ortiz responded when being questioned under oath.

This document from the spring memo is one of the many pieces of evidence that demonstrate that Vice President Biden and his administration are not living up to their responsibility to protect and preserve the United States border. This "document" is one of the reasons why Moody's complaint was filed.

According to the New York Post, two newborns were left by smugglers near the Arizona-Mexico border on Thursday, making the situation at the southern border even more dire than it already was. The border between Arizona and Mexico is a porous border. One of the infants, who was only four months old at the time, was discovered face down and unresponsive at the scene. Both of the children were able to obtain therapy and have been discharged since then.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on National Insider.

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