The Rising Antipathy Toward Democrats and Why It Matters

Despite the corporate media's fixation on Donald Trump and crises in faraway areas like Ukraine, voters continue to view inflation and violent crime as the two most critical challenges heading into the midterm elections in 2022.
According to a survey conducted by Rasmussen, 85 percent of people who are likely to vote in the United States are concerned about inflation, with 57 percent of those people being extremely concerned.

In line with the preceding assertion, 61% of voters are greatly worried about violent crime, which accounts for a portion of the 86% of the voter base that is moderately concerned about the issue.

When it comes to divisive topics like abortion, a full fifty percent of voters express extreme concern, which is included in the seventy percent of voters who express some level of concern.

In comparison to the 67% of Democrats who are concerned about abortion, only 38% of Republicans and 45% of independent voters share this worry.

Despite this, an overwhelming majority of people are very concerned about the issue of violent crime. This includes 73% of Republican voters, 50% of Democratic voters, and 62% of independent voters.

75% of people who are considering voting express concern about preventing election fraud, with 60% expressing significant anxiety about the issue. Sixty-nine percent of people are anxious about illegal immigration, and fifty percent of those people are very concerned.

In terms of issues related to race, black voters are more likely to be very concerned about preventing election fraud (65%) or violent crime (61%) than they are about the right to have an abortion (43%). White people, on average, worry more about the protection of abortion rights than black people or other non-white minorities do.

Republicans have a responsibility to pay heed to this development. The three big problems of crime, inflation, and immigration ought to be front and center in presidential races beyond the year 2022. This means that they should campaign for remedies such as reinstating peace and order on a national level, undermining the Fed's authority by encouraging the use of digital currencies, and imposing severe restrictions on immigration. These are some of the potential solutions.

If the Republicans do not put any of these ideas into action, they will have a poor showing in the election of 2022 and in later elections during this decade.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on National Insiders.

Written by Staff Reports

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