America Faces Decline Under Biden but Our Potential for Greatness Remains

The state of the United States seems dire – America appears to be becoming a weak and poor nation that is easily influenced by foreign antagonists abroad and troublemakers, criminals, and leftists at home. It can be hard to imagine if Americans will ever be able to rise to the challenge again. Is there still greatness within us? Can we be exceptional again?


We are the successors of a tradition of greatness. This year marks the 80th anniversary of D-Day, a pivotal moment in World War II. Those who have seen the movie Saving Private Ryan have a glimpse of the bravery displayed on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944. A first-hand account from an Army officer who landed that morning describes the intense battle against well-defended positions. These soldiers, many of them regular civilians only a few years prior, faced a formidable German army that had already conquered much of Europe and emerged victorious.

That’s true greatness.

But is that greatness still within us? Can we show that same kind of strength against other adversaries?

Skeptics argue “no,” and they have some evidence to support their claim. The generation that fought in World War II and fought against the Great Depression, and the subsequent generation that achieved the moon landing, ushered in the prosperous 1980s and defeated communism in the Cold War, stand in stark contrast to the current generation, which appears preoccupied with COVID fears, diversity initiatives, and a revived embrace of socialism.

America under Biden and the Democrats, who seem more inclined to align with socialist ideas, is facing significant challenges. The nation is grappling with the erosion of the rule of law, soaring inflation that is burdensome for regular individuals, and a concerning shift in societal values. The leadership of the country is viewed as inadequate, with one party striving to imprison the leader of the opposing party and pursuing an agenda that threatens free speech and equality.

The country’s institutions, from the military to the government, are struggling under the current ruling class. Additionally, there are concerns about the direction of the country’s foreign policy and the prioritization of certain social matters over national interests.

But does this mean that Americans should simply accept failure as inevitable?

Absolutely not. History has shown that America is capable of improving its circumstances. Ronald Reagan turned the country around after the presidency of Jimmy Carter, and Rudy Giuliani successfully revitalized New York City. Even during tumultuous times, President Trump contributed to the nation’s prosperity.

The critical question now is whether Americans possess the determination to enact change. There is an opportunity for every person to make a difference. Despite the current challenges, there is still room for the country to make a turnaround. As long as Americans refuse to give up, there’s always the possibility for improvement.

Americans uphold courage and strength, emulating the bravery demonstrated by previous generations. A recent example is the unwavering resolve and bravery displayed by the Marines who tragically lost their lives in Kabul. Their steadfastness and bravery in a volatile and hazardous environment showcase the enduring spirit of America.

It’s evident that greatness is still within us. This fall, the call is to choose to make America great again.

Those who share frustration with the nation’s trajectory are encouraged to join the effort in restoring America’s greatness. By joining forces, there’s a potential to create positive change and shape a brighter future for the United States.

Written by Staff Reports

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