Kamala Harris Faces Protester Outrage on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Vice President Kamala Harris went on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to talk, but the interview turned into a big commotion. Some people started shouting about the war in Gaza while Harris and Kimmel tried to keep the interview going.

People were yelling things like “stop the genocide” and “you’re a murderer” at Harris while she was trying to talk with Kimmel. The host also had to stop and talk to the protesters. The security people then came and took the protesters out of the studio.

This caused a lot of trouble for the show. The protesters said they were handled roughly by the security people and that they were held against their will. They also wanted an apology for what they said was the “unnecessary use of brutal force.”

It was a real mess during the show, and it seems that it caught a lot of attention. The whole thing with the protesters can be a big problem for the people involved, and it could also make a lot of people upset.

Written by Staff Reports

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