Antifa’s Violent Attack on Peaceful Protesters Caught on Camera – Fort Worth Police Take Action

In a shocking display of violent behavior, Antifa members attempted to disrupt a peaceful protest against a drag event in Fort Worth. Surveillance and body camera footage released by the Fort Worth Police Department show the Antifa members using pepper spray on the protesters and brandishing firearms.

The responding officers bravely attempted to bring the Antifa members into custody, but were met with violent resistance. Samuel Fowlkes, one of the suspects, can be seen on body camera resisting arrest and even attempting to reach for a gun. Officers were forced to use physical force to bring him to the ground.

But the violence didn’t stop there. Other Antifa members, such as Christopher Guillott and Meghan Grant, were also arrested for assaulting police officers and obstructing public duties. The utter lack of respect for authority and law enforcement demonstrated by Antifa members is truly abhorrent.

It is clear that Antifa poses a serious threat to the safety of our communities. Their willingness to use violence to suppress free speech and intimidate those who hold differing viewpoints is completely unacceptable. It is high time our government takes decisive action to label Antifa for what they truly are: a domestic terrorist organization.

We cannot allow these radicals to continue their destructive and dangerous behavior without consequences. The Fort Worth Police Department should be commended for their brave efforts to bring these criminals to justice. We must always stand with our law enforcement officers and support their efforts to maintain law and order in our communities.

Written by Staff Reports

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